Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Currently only at the shoe fair, 2 new releases:

You may have gotten a glimpse of the Lucent heels here and there, now they are out. A discounted fatpack has a HUD that lets you choose from 30 colours, shoe and bow independently. Singles are also available in solids. All the Lucents come with the bow in the back, and without, in one pack.

(Hair: Calico Hannah, Dress: mix of Wolsey suit and pinafore dress sets, Skin: unreleased)

edit: Find the Lucent Bow Heels now on the Marketplace.

My very first shoes I ever made have been tweaked and updated a bit (in fact, my older boots have also had their textures updated as well for the shoe fair. I'll be slogging through transaction records eventually to give people the new versions). Sized for women and men, mod for tweaking.

(Outfit: silentsparrow Nyx, Hair: ....crap. I have no idea.)

Expressly for the Shoe Fair! My previous boots retextured in brown. 100% goes to the ASPCA, so cheap boots for a good cause. These will either be completely retired post Shoe Fair, or have the price raised- so either way, get them now!

(My skelebeaters, stripe pants, and unreleased mohawk with the platforms; Revenant, MMS Vanessa hair, and silentsparrow Coronis gown stockings with the pointy boots)

All only at the Shoe Fair!

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