Saturday, November 15, 2008

silentsparrow 3k group party!

I think at this point it's not really a surprise that I've an avid silentsparrow fan, as well as hya being one of my favourite people. So when her group hit 3k members and she asked me to do a little something for the party, I was thrilled!

Janglin' Jack; Sparrow 3K party!

(I'm not the only one, by the way. There is awesome new jewelry from Violet Voltaire, awesome new skins from Fleur, awesome new hair from Calico Ingmann, and I know there are other people whose awesome new stuff I haven't seen!)

Firstly, and most sparrowly, the Blue Sparrow Corset. Now, this one WILL NOT be available anywhere after this weekend- possibly ever. Definitely won't be around for months. So if you want it, this _is_ your chance.

(Calico, erm, Hannah hair? No, I think it's the other one that came out at the same time I ALWAYS get confused with it by name for some reason....argh. Well anyway, go to Calico Kitty and look around, shouldn't be hard to find; Miriel eyes; skin I'll get around to eventually; Koijini jewelry; Aqua Bixin pants)

Secondly, hya's been working on this really awesome Warcrack inspired Druidy outfit. Once upon a time, before I really spent much time in SL (my account predates, but I didn't use it/couldn't on the computer I had then), I was a horrible Warcraft addict. My main was a Night Elf Druid. So...yeah. I've been severely tempted to make myself a SL Nelf, and this finally gave me the reason to go ahead and _do_ it. Yeah, I'm a great big dork. But a lavender great big dork, so there.

(All: Illusions Sika horns; Miriel eyes
Body shot of her: Calico's new Suzume hair with colour change feathers, ~silentsparrow~ suzume pieces
Body shot of him: Truth Kensei hair, feathers shamelessly stolen from Calico's Suzume hair and added in attached to the nose, ~silentsparrow~ suzume (raven)
Head shots: feathers shamelessly stolen from Calico's Suzume hair and added in attached to the nose, Veronique hastily coloured in what I have around as I'm still chugging away on hair textures)

Silly nelf skins will be out in the elephant after this weekend. But for now, teleport to silent sparrow for the party and awesome things!


Alyx Sands said...

I need to take a closer look at those skins! (I once played a druid, too...but a halfling druid. Short gal of short temper and large appetite, and wicked with...a sickle...)

That was a great party, but I think I have been overwhelmed by all the awesomeness on display!

Selos said...

AWEEEsome :D those ears are amaaazing, what a great sculpt ^^ <3!

Allegory Malaprop said...

Awwww, thanks Selos!

Terry Toland said...

I've only recently played WoW while visiting my boyfriend this past week, but I've had a Night Elf Mohawk for a much longer time. ;)

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