Saturday, June 20, 2009

Koreshan Bake Sale! Cake, Death, or both!

I'm writing this to you from the past, oooooOOOOoooooo. And I don't have the right LM available right now (so wander around the sim, it's there...somewhere. Look for the tables in the middle of the open area), as I'm going in and out of crashing at the hair fair (bald, shoeless, and in a bathing suit made of meat).

The Koreshan Bake Sale is this weekend! It was held over from last weekend because, well, LL was not so helpful is figuring out why the sim performance sucked as bad as it did until there was more yelling :/

I'm a part of the fun this year! My contribution is a sweet little confection called Sugar Sugar, inspired by those Barbie cakes where the skirt was cake and you piped clothes onto the Barbie torso (one year when I was very small, my mother made FIVE of them for me for my birthday):

(eyes in all are Anime Miriel eyes, necklaces are from the Cake or Death sets by Violet Voltaire, earrings are cupcakes and lollypops, also by Violet Voltaire, hair in all is Nekomi, shoes are Lucent Heels, skin in Death is Diamond Dogs, others are unreleased. Poses in all but the two at either end are awesome Lazy Places poses, left is by sunflower poses, and right is by Luth)

There are lots and lots of other goodies to be had! The Bake Sale is only going on this weekend, so you've got to stop by quick!

After the Bake Sale, they will be at the elephant.

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