Sunday, November 22, 2009


I've been keeping my soapboxing off the feeds and on my "personal" blog (which is mostly neglected and doesn't feed anywhere), but some of this is information that perhaps, needs to be seen by a wider audience (especially #2, alternate systems). I'm long and wordy, so I'm going to only post links:

My problem with the roadmap- an analysis of the real reason the new "roadmap" doesn't sit well with me.

xstreet alternatives- a short form with the 6 (only 5 are up and running at the current time) xstreet alternatives I found, and my quick reaction to each. If you go to the blog itself, the previous entries are more in depth on each service- still very cursory as this was my first run through to compare features, so I very well may have missed things, but my first glance, and what made me decide which ones to proceed with on a more in depth basis. I've started posting on MVX, (very) slowly, and will probably cross post more things to other services as well. I will only be picking one as the "catalog" service that is what I would rather see xstreet be than the new system however, simply due to the fact that all listing takes a very long time.

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