Thursday, April 14, 2011

Electro-cute Corsets!

I'm really quite fond of the prim corsets, as much as they do limit the poses I can use. And so, there are more. Saccharinly sweet Electro-cute corsets! (I'm in the bat right now...of course.) They come in three packs by Electro-cute, and the bigass pack of all of them. Like the rest, fit once, change with a HUD, so if you already have one of the corsets, you just want to hold onto the HUD for the new patterns.

(hair: lamb, undies: Schadenfreude matching Electro-cute undies, skin unreleased)

The silky ribbons tying you up in back match the binding, for all but the candy coloured skull- that one has blue laces instead of pink.

At the elephant!

Aislinn Grizot, full of tentacled goodness in octopus.
Achariya, pastelly and pretty in skull.

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