Saturday, May 21, 2011

Albero Gatcha Festival

plastic flamingo wildlife habitat

There's another gacha festival going on at Albero. I ended up joining a day (or so...) late for this session, but I joined! With plastic flamingoes (I'm gonna make you all start spelling the plural with an e if it kills me. Primarily because I like to say "flaming goes").

There is the traditional pink flamingo (in 2 shades), but they come in 16 colours (because I'm a colour whore), and there are secret hidden rares that are even less traditional. There are 3 styles, head up, head down, and a pair together- each only one prim (though there are secret rares that have an extra prim or two for decoration). A ridiculous copy uberpack of all of them, texture change to not destroy your inventory, is available in Baba Yaga's hut.

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