Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dress Forms

dress forms

Another round of The Arcade is upon us- this time my contribution is a set of dress forms, decorated in various fabrics.  Each form has a wood stand with 4 wood options (dark wood, light wood, black, and white), and the stand base can also be hidden so they can sit on tables or floors instead of on the wooden base.  Many also have a few texture options for the form itself (this is Allegory's indecisiveness)- all of the options are changed on touch with a menu.  There are 5 rares- 3 texture change sets of brocaded angels with wings, one tweed covered form with a fez and bow tie, and one form with a long striped scarf (I own that scarf- my mother knit it for me before I went away to live in the cold for a few years.  It was great, I would just wrap it around my head a bunch of times, no need for a hat!)

dress forms options!

The dressmaker's dummies can also wear SOME mesh clothing if you rez it (you may have to tweak the sizing a little, shown below is a standard size small mesh dress on the dress form), for display.

into the woods

At The Arcade for the month of June!  Afterwards they will be available at the elephant.

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