Friday, January 24, 2014

Vestday and rings

Vestday!  And jewelry again, this time a trio of simple rings.  They are available as copy or as transfer, if you want to share some rings with a special someone.  Texture change with 4 metals and a bundle of gemstone options.  They also come with ring boxes- the copy version comes with two slightly different ones (one is one prim, transparency open/close, the other is two and gently slides) and a third with a ring attached, the transfer version comes with three copies of one box (the one prim one so you can link a one prim ring in if you want without breaking things- though I recommend rezzing and putting in place and picking up as a coalesced object instead, even if it's in the contents, they'll have to rez it to get the ring out of it) for gifting in.

simple ring trio

And a pair of vests, of course!  A couple of plaids this time.  Lolas Tango appliers included as usual.

leopard vestday

At the elephant, for Friday!

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