Sunday, March 30, 2014

Helter Heels


Collabor88 this month is all about getting back to business.  I went for some heels to wear while breaking that glass ceiling.  Single shoe colours come with two options, all a solid colour, and with plaid insets in the shoe upper, and with some button options (it's all texture change with HUD so you can choose sections and such, and you can use HUDs from multiple colours to mix the colours of your choice in one shoe, or opt for the pack and have all the options in one place).  Five colours are available for the event: oxblood, black, navy, and two off whites.

Helter Heels

They come with two versions of the shoe with slightly different shapes: one for regular old System feet, and another made for Slink feet (I didn't get a model with the Slink feet to wear them for pictures, so you'll just have to trust me here!).  Both versions are modify, so if you need to adjust for size any (looking at you, boys who like to wear heels) or want to play with trying to get them to fit other feet, have at it (I make NO guarantees that they can fit any other foot though!)

At Collabor88 this month!

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