Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vestday with a cherry on top

Vestday is upon us!  I'm out super early (remember kiddies, it doesn't actually start until FRIDAY SLT actually happens) because I'm going to be off for the weekend plus (tomorrow/technically today at the stroke of one pm-ish I'm going to be swooped down upon and taken away and I'll be back, I dunno, Monday, Tuesday, whenever they decide to bring me home).  But!  It also just happened to be my vestday, so I got it out early!

This time your vests are accompanied by Jerry's Cherries, spooky skull cherry charms on a necklace and earrings.  There are three sizes of necklace charm included, that's the medium one.  The large is comically huge.

Jerry's cherries

And of course, the vests! A pair of leopard print again, a colourful one, and a desaturated grey print.

silver and blood orange leopard vestday

All to be found at the elephant, for this Friday! (And until I'm returned home so I can log in, computer free weekend!)

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