Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Winter Wonder Hunt

Winter Wonder Hunt

The Winter Wonder Hunt is still going for most of this month (ends the day after Christmas, I think!).  It's not really a hunt-hunt, it's a story event with quests to earn things to turn in for prizes.  The prize you can redeem from me is a stuffed Krampusling (because I have Krampus on the brain lately).  You can find instructions on how to do the hunt at the official site.


It's a little Nightmare Before Christmas in theme- Karuma Tengu has injured Santa Claus by accident, and now Christmas is ruined!  The yokai don't want the children to be sad, so they are going to save Christmas, even if they have no idea whatsoever what they are doing.  This leads to best new sleigh for Santa and BEST CAKE EVER.  Santa tries to be super diplomatic about it all.  You get to pick whether you want to do quests in JiPang (the spooky side of the sim with the yokai!) or Santaburg first.  You will get a little companion (you must allow your companion to rez and attach to be able to complete quests!) to help you on your quest, as you collect materials to make things for people and run errands for them (there are permanent versions of the quest companions to be found in each half of the sim as well- not for doing the quests, but for keeping with you later!).  You are rewarded with coins that can be redeemed for prizes for the quests- many are repeatable so you can pick an easy one (cat booze!) to grind for more coins.

aka tougarashi
I, of course, did the spooky side of the sim first, and it's super fun. First you talk to this dude, Aka Tougarashi, and he will tell you what's up. It's a fairly long and wordy tutorial! But it's not really all that complicated once you get what's going on! He gives you main story quests and points you in the direction of how to find some of the stuff you need.


If you get lost or are confused as to where to go next, these dudes tend to be super helpful in the directions.

ring the bell

Ring the bell to call the foot to get a ride to the ground instead of just jumping off the side- you'll know how to get back up then!

red stars dancing with fairies

Red and white stars are best collected with people! You get them faster/more if you both work on the same one at the same time.


On the Santaburg side of the sim, Sebastian is the main quest giver. The angels and birds will help you out if you need a hint.

The Winter Wonder Hunt is a neat activity, you should check it out!  Walk everywhere.  Touch everything.

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