Saturday, June 18, 2016

Strapped Flannery Loafers

strapped flannery

For this Crisp and Clean Collabor88, loafers!  They come in a range of 4 metallics, a pale rainbowed hologram, and a shiny vinyl white and dove grey.  Rigged for Slink flat feet for boys and girls, also includes unrigged versions (I've heard they fit well with Maitreya feet), and unrigged versions for System feet for men and women.  The singles have a HUD that lets you choose from 7 sole options, if you get more than one single or the pack, you can mix and match the upper sections (strap, tongue, sides).

You can add more colour options with the HUDs from the O'Connor Loafers, with its selection of 7 darks to pick from- or change those to these metallics.

Find them at the Collabor88 event until the 6th next month!

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