Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fireflies and Stars

An extra large Collabor88 awaits you this month (5 years already!), as it is a birthday round with all the guests of the year invited back!

hair: Clawtooth: Giselle
dress: (Nylon Outfitters) Like A Bird Gown - Gold
necklace: (Yummy) Eclat Necklace
stars: Schadenfreude Glowing Stars
fireflies: Schadenfreude Fluttering Fireflies
pose: {NANTRA} High Society

tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ Magic Forest Tattoos
lipstick: (Nylon Outfitters) Burton Makeup Beetlegeist
bracelets: ..::( siratama )::.. pearl-bracelet (store now named konpeitou)
rings: Schadenfreude Waits Rings
nails: A:S:S Foil Nail Appliers
hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement
mist: {anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue]

For this Summer SoirĂ©e, I stepped outside into the warm summer nights with glowing decorations- fireflies and stars.  There are also wearable bits, if you wish to be surrounded by a swarm of either, or have a firefly perch upon your nose, but most of the pieces are intended to be rezzed.  Many of them fly or float around in circles while they softly glow- everything is texture and/or colour change with a variety of options on touch- the fireflies have 8 different options for bug bodies, and can be set to glow all the same colour or with with mixes, the stars can be set to glow assorted colours and can be custom tinted to your choice of combination as well.  Glow and rotation speed can be modified with the menu, and glow can be set to be synchronized, staggered, or solid and constant.  All except the ones escaping jars are 1LI each at default size (those are 2, due to the number of moving pieces), and all can be descripted once you've assigned their settings, as they will continue to move and glow even without scripts (for happier sims!)

 In the outside courtyard, this month for Collabor88!

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