Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sweets at Panic of Pumpkin

The Panic of Pumpkin event is in full swing!  It's a Japanese event, on Japanese time which means things are AHEAD of SL time- it's often a day later to the game than you think it is.  The event is from October 1 to October 31 midnight Japan time WHICH MEANS that it opened on September 30th at 9am SLT!  The day thing means something because not only can you find goodies to buy, but there is a hunt! that it a daily advent style thing.  Find the door for the current day and knock on it (say trick or treat, of course!) to get the special thing for that day.  Because it runs on Japan time, you may need to knock on a door for the day after when it it for you!  After the day has passed, you can buy the gift for 50L.


Aside from that, the venue is adorable, and there is much inventive spooky fun to be had.  I made parfaits for it, because Japanese parfaits are my kryptonite.  They are amazing.  They are adorable, and tasty, and wonderful, and I don't DO a parfait in any other country, but man, Japan knows how to make them magic.  I do stay away from the ones bigger than my head though, as tempting as they may be.  Have to save some room for the rest of the amazing food, after all.

spooky parfaits

And for my gift, there are 和菓子 wagashi, Japanese sweets, in the shape of pumpkins.  The plates give little temp attachment pumpkins to eat to anyone, and there are also versions for you to eat and hold in your mouth. (They are mod, so you can also do whatever you like with the pumpkins.)

pumpkin wagashi

At Okinawa's Panic of Pumpkin this October!

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