Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Schadenfreude DIY Tombstones

diy tombstones

A set of simple tombstones for SaNaRae!  They are made to be customized- there is a separate face on the front that you can put overlays on for your own custom engravings (or spraypainting or whatever!)

There are 8 shapes of tombstones- each is included as a separate object (1 LI each), and there are 4 groups of 4 tombstones in one object- 2 lines of 4 straight standing tombstones in a nice orderly cemetery, and 2 groups of 4 that are all tilted and falling down- each group of 4 is also 1 LI each.  All tombstones have 4 texture options (change on touch)- the groups can all be changed to the same texture set, or you can click on each one to change it to mix them as you please.

First figure out what you want to put on your tombstone!  Note: texture MUST be set as an alpha blending texture (for best results, set to texture opacity not 0%- 1% does everything it needs and looks solid, but you can also make things more faded if you prefer).  So you don't want to replace the entire front- just do your design.  Full textures are also included in a box if you want to replace the entire thing.

Here are the maximum alpha zones that will texture and the stone textures that will match the tombstones- if you want to graffiti your tombstone, you might want to use these as your base under the paint.  The stones use the dark textures for specular, if you want to make custom specular textures to match for your design- but you want to fill the invisible parts of your regular texture with black instead of alpha in the specular texture, specular will just add more reflection on invisible parts of textures.  (Click through to images at 256x512, which will match up to the size of the textures on the rest of it.  You can of course scale your texture up or down depending on how much texture definition it needs.)

Once you have your customized layer, make sure you select the correct face of the tombstone- for single stones you can select the entire thing and then DEselect the back to make sure you have the right part (groups are a bit trickier, make sure it looks like you've selected the right part!  And they are scripted to texture change on touch so they will replace the textures if you mess up!  However, IF you are using a viewer that will display texture face like Firestorm, you always want the odd face- on singles, face 1, on groups, 1, 3, 5, or 7- unless you've changed the offsets, the face selection circle should be in the center NOT off to one side)- and apply your new texture, and any custom normals and specular if you desire!

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