Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dearest Fawns

dearest fawn

Dearest Fawns from Schadenfreude for The Arcade, little fawns to carry around in your arms (with bento pose), or rez on your sim at 1 LI each (they are mod, and will go a bit larger than given size and stay 1 LI- they are petite fawns for easier holding as given).  Fawns with accessories (wings, top hat, leg wraps) can have the accessories unlinked and traded with other fawns, the unicorn and devil fawns also let you hide their horns with a touch menu.

dearest fawn key

Exclusively at this December round of The Arcade, you will also get a quartet of peryton fawns in addition to your 25th gacha purchase.  These fawns with feathery wings (not full "traditional" perytons with the avian hind legs and tail as well) are also 1LI each when rezzed to a bit larger than they come, and also can be held cradled in your arms.

peryton fawns reward

At The Arcade this December!

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