Friday, December 15, 2017

Schadenfreude Cozy (Tabi) Socks

To keep your avatar's prim feet nice and cozy warm ( your inventory, the sock feet replace them!), socks for the Okinawa Winter Festival.

The socks are fitted for Slink Physique Original and Hourglass, and an experimental Maitreya Lara version.  The sock tops can be pulled up or scrunched down, both socks the same or you can mix them (or just wear one sock!).  The feet replace Slink and Maitreya feet of all heights (there's a HUD to choose your foot height similar to the one with Slink feet), and are in regular sock feet, and tabi sock feet with the big toe separate.  Bodies and feet can be mixed- Slink bodies can wear Maitreya feet, and Maitreya Lara can wear Slink feet (plus a bonus Slink based set that will change size with foot sliders).  These socks will work with SOME shoes for Slink and Maitreya feet (they aren't exact, but close enough some shoes will work).  There is an alpha HUD that lets you hide sections of the upper socks and the feet for more flexibility with layering under things.

cozy (tabi) socks

They come in 2 packs with a HUD- you can change left/right socks independently or together to match.  The uberpack has all 18 of the Winter 18 Cozy Sock options, with snowflakes, snowflowers, deer, a stealthily Harry Potter inspired brocade pattern, and a Twin Peaks inspired Black Lodge Pattern.

Also for the festival,  Snowbunny Geta, with covers to protect your toes from the snow and crampons so you don't go sliding.  They are texture change with your choice of dark or light wood, red, pink, or black bead eyes, and 8 colours to mix and match for fur, toe cover sections, and strap "ear" sections.

(kimono: *katat0nik* & Clemmm Cursed Kimono)

At the Okinawa Winter Festival until January 16!

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