Friday, March 27, 2020

Schadenfreude Spring Sake Barrels

Another set of 菰樽/飾り樽 sake barrels, this time dressed up in new art of 6 designs for this spring of this Year of the Rat.  Two are rat-centric, three with flowers, and one featuring a large butterfly seal.  I continue to name my sakes a combination of fitting names, and weird puns that only I will get (sorry for my mangling of the Japanese language, I know just enough to get into trouble- but I hope that I also know enough to make you smile a little).  Stacks and single barrels, 1 to 2 LI each at about a standard 4-to 72 liter size of about .65 meters tall barrel, with extra shading options to choose from if you are picky in how you stack!  (There are versions of top and side shadow boxed so you can stack them on top of each other or next to each other and keep the shading they have in the particular stacks also.)  HUD texture all to your desires- set them all the same, choose individual labels to texture to exactly what you want, or let it randomize them for you with the mix button.  You can also mix HUDs from other sake barrel sets for more options, even in the same stack.

A rare in store new release- I'm going to try to do more!- at the elephant.

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