Thursday, October 8, 2020

Schadenfreude Serpentine Taper Candles

Snake candle holders at Collabor88!

4 versions of candle holders- looking up and down, in either direction.  Candlesticks without candles in each style are also included.  Texture change with 7 metal snakes (silver, gold, rose gold, copper, bronze, rusted, and cast iron), 7 plastic snakes in pastel shades (I have a secret love of pastel goth even if everything I own is black), black, and white; candles in pastels, slightly glittered, colours, black, white, and ivory; and two flame options, with the "lens flare" and without.  Cast light and just glowing flame (in case light effects ruin your environment), with settings that you can tweak to fit- anyone can touch to turn them on or off.  1 land impact each piece at given size, and a bit larger.

At Collabor88 until November 7!

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