Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Schadenfreude Dicax Ankle Boots

X tattoos: Schadenfreude Lennox Rose Tattoos (allegory.malaprop)
lace edging: Schadenfreude Miami Fishnet Leggings (allegory.malaprop)
leggings: Schadenfreude The Skinny Leggings (allegory.malaprop)

Strappy Ankle boots for Collabor88!  Spikes are optional.  For feet completely hidden, these will fit most standard sized ankle bodies, for both men and women (Belleza users may need to use the "Slink fit" feet version of their bodies to switch to standard ankle, though depends on your shape as to whether you will need it).

20 colours to choose from, singles allow you to change buckles, spikes, and zippers- packs and multiple singles also let you mix and match leather sections: boot outer, toe, sole, and each strap.

At this Collabor88, until October 6!

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