Friday, August 5, 2022

Schadenfreude at Okinawa Summer Festival

X hair: [monso] Megu Hair (morphine.janick)
outfit: *katat0nik* DJ Miko (katat0nik.pidgeon)
eyes: {S0NG} :: Snow Eyes - Dark Brown (funeral.plutonian)
skin: more more. luna skin_milk tone (jelly.pancake)
tattoos: Schadenfreude Pink Kiku Sleeves Tattoo (allegory.malaprop)
eyebrows: ONEDAYs - Wang Ning Eyebrows (attoocha)
head: LeLUTKA LILLY (jaden.nova)

12 flavors of Ramune at the Okinawa Summer Festival!  English and Japanese labels, decor items (including full, empty, half empty, sealed, extra trash pieces, and a 2LI touch to animate opening version) and wearables (including a sealed when you wear it- unwrap and pop the marble version, as well as hold and drink versions of empty, half empty, and full).

Plus it's 10 years of Team Okinawa!  In celebration, a fruity parfait in a pineapple with a shisa chocolate is there as a free gift!  You can retcon the flavours to be anything you like, but I'm going to say that the blue ice cream is ramune/pineapple swirl, the purple ice cream is beni-imo (a purple sweet potato), the orange ice cream is mango, the pink ice cream is strawberry, and the green soft serve is matcha.

Find them at Okinawa Summer Festival, open August 5 @ 8am SLT to August 30 @ 8am SLT!

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