Monday, August 6, 2007

Helios and Astraios

The first things I'm actually getting ads and such together with are for the Jewelry Exposition, since I have the impetus for it. I need to get all the little details on the scripting for the rings (they've got a script that makes educated guesses as to your hand position, and moves the ring accordingly, instead of having them just stick out like they tend to otherwise) for Helios done so I can send them off, and I also want to send Miriel the pictures for the webpage.

Helios is what I am going to contribute to the treasure hunt. It's an Art Deco sunburst design, that comes in quite a few pieces. For her, one of the aforementioned scripted rings, a bracelet, broach, hair pin, necklace, and 3 sets of earrings- one set with drops, one set with fairly small studs, and one set that has both as well as some hoops further up the ear for those who prefer to wear multiple earrings. For him, a set of cufflinks, and a more intricate ring
Astraios is a set that is quite similar to Helios, coming in the same variety of pieces (and got the ads done at the same time since they had to be similar). It is a 6 pointed star instead of the sunburst, and in silver and black instead of gold and white. Because I'm not really someone who wears gold (or white), myself. Some day I'm going to have to figure out what to price everything. I really don't know.

(On him, the ubiquitous Prim and Proper free tuxedo, attained in Caledon VictoriaCity)

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