Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ring boxes

My rings come with a lot of instructions, because while you can just wear them and everything works, you can also make them work better for you particularly by doing a few things of gradually increasing complexity. The getting your hands dirty instructions are included in the rings themselves, because that's where you need to be to do those things. But you can also make it fit better just by editing it the way you normally would, in a particular way. So for that, I figured I should add it on the same level as the ring itself so people who are daunted easily would find it, since it isn't hard. This meant I needed ring boxes!

Now, I largely blame my RL friend E for this. She has a ring box collection, and the two of us ended up finding elephants and penguins and all sorts of adorable little velour boxes this one place (and she walked out with 10, I think it was). Secondly, I blame this great big peach room:
that had been in my sandbox for a couple of days. The back of the peach slid around to close it the door as well. It's gone now, but it was there when I made my first ring box:

which I still don't know what I'm going to use for, and I'm sure I'm going to change the texture (this was just a free thingie I had handy for a placeholder), but not only does it include my script and instructions, it also opens and closes on touch. Because, well, I had to. It isn't particularly of the style of the two sets that I really needed boxes for (I have other rings, but I haven't gotten the full sets together yet, and besides, Helios needed to be sent off), so after some thought, I went with these for Helios and Astraios:

Yes, they do have the rings sitting in the boxes themselves as well. Max made me stop when I started talking about making a pose to be able to hold them as well though, since really, that's the height of silliness. Also, they'd never get done.

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