Monday, September 8, 2008

Save Tableau!

protecting tableau

The Tableau gods are restless. You may recall, they have this tendency to do horrrrible things to the poor people who live there, exploding volcanoes, alien destruction....and now, there is the fear they have set their eye on the lovely new Tableau. There was a party tonight, to appease said gods, and I hear there might be one tomorrow, in the late evening SL time.

You should attend.

Tableau is one of my favourite builds in all of SL. I've already lost Silent's beauty of a greyscale NO, I don't want to lose Tableau's blacklight version! Also, uppity gods need to be shown their place, and, hell, any excuse for a party!

Also, there are freebies to be had. I am in the stylish volcano hat, brilliant eyeglasses, with one of the protection necklaces. There are clothes, henna, accessories, balloons....alllllll sorts of fun stuff to be had!

(Also in Trap's new Heart skin, not that you can see much of it, or the ~silentsparrow~ twittery, both of which I need to say things about in a less immediately time sensitive manner. Because Tableau needs to be saved, right now!)

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