Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trap, ~silentsparrow~, and Violet Voltaire

I'm partying in Tableau today, to show those gods who's boss. While I have no doubt the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Tableau could find themselves another fabulous place to live, I'd rather they not- I still miss the desert, and I'm terribly in love with the swamp. (But this picture was not the easiest thing to take, as that balcony is phantom! And I still have buoyancy issues, and tend to sink uncontrollably.)

in tableau

Today I'm in Trap's new Heart skins, which do suit Allegory quite well, I find. She did get a touch of a tan wearing them...but then, she's a pale girl, and her skin would probably fall off if she ever really saw sun. You get a 4 pack of skins in each set- 2 colours, and both with and without lipstick. The lips are really quite lovely, I'm especially fond of the lipsticks on Allegory, the green is gorgeously subtley towards purple at the corners. They are all around gorgeous skins, even before you get to the fabulous designs all over the body (a skin you can actually wear undershirts with without worrying about ousting your tattoos!)

I'm also in ~silentsparrow~'s new twittery here, which fulfills my need for blinding do-not-look-directly-at hot pink (yes, I wear this colour in RL as well sometimes). It's a set of pure fun- I, of course, gravitated to the melon, with the lime green and hot pink. Cute cute birds adorn the pieces, and I can easily see wearing the shirts with other items less all over blinding at times, as well as putting the leggings under other skirts (and the gloves....oh, I love the gloves! Pink to green stripey fades, with little birdies on the backs of the hands!)

To top it all off, I am wearing Violet Voltaire's Starlene, in Green Bean, to go with the bright green. And it matches perfectly, cute hearts and stars and candy bright.

(And my Lucent heels, with the shoe parts chartreuse, and the bows pink.)

in tableau

There are 2 shirts to twittery, a cute as sin t-shirt with the great big bird print, and one with a more sophisticated neckline. I'm also so ready for a pajama party if I take off the skirt and wear the t-shirt. (The skirt hides the birds that cavort down one leg of the leggings.)

lin tableau

The other hot (relatively, sorry kids, I'm a little tardy as usual) newness from ~silentsparrow~ is a dress to go with the Dominion suit. There's a special pink version only available at All Dolled Up, but the green you can find with the colour spread at her shop is more my speed, pink previous in this post aside. As we've come to expect from hya's sets, it's full of an assortment of pieces to mix around, with 2 shirts and a corset, 2 skirts, and 2 pairs of cutely saucy stockings were you to look up my skirt (for SHAME!). It has the same rich brocade pattern as the suit (which again isn't just on the coloured bits, but also adds depth and richness to the blacks), and is perfect for mixing with it to give it a bit more female a tone. She also managed, somehow with her spooky magicks, to make drawn and prim bows actually match!

With it, I'm obviously in Trap's Heart skin again, and this time with Violet's No Love Lost crown and doll key, as well as the My Violent Heart earrings (one thing about this skin, I don't feel like wearing necklaces with it to obscure the chest design!) This crown and key are brilliantly detailed with a bit of subtle clockwork motifs that blend seamlessly into the crown and heart shapes. The Violet Heart necklace goes marvelously with them as well, but it gets lost with the fabulous patterning on this skin.

in tableau

People are going to start thinking I'm an alcoholic. I seem to always end up passed out in Tableau.

in tableau

Tableau has changed a bit since my first trip there, I don't recall this handy stairway up to the club on the hill. But then, I did always fly straight into the mouth without paying much heed to my surroundings.


Alyx Sands said...

Don't worry about passing out too much-one of my ground sit anims is a fainting anim and sometimes I forget to switch and end up passing out in public (like in the pics I took at Halflust Harbour-extrem efishing while passed out...)

And now I'm convinced I have to get the green Dominion as well-I got the black one because it's so classic, but the green does look good...decisions, decisions....

....and you look Torleyfied in melony Twittery! *giggles*

Achariya Rezak said...

*grin* you look awesome. yay alle posts ! i love that skin with those dresses.

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