Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cirque Noir Intimates

More stripey underthings! This time black stripes, because, well, I'm spooky like that. Each colour is also available separately, or in the big pack o' them all.

(that's like...almost all unreleased stuff but the ears and collar are released and also mine, and poses from Lazy Places, Imperial Elegance, marukin, dfo, and I forget who else, sorry, I suck :/ )

Also, bad blogger, no cookie: I totally forgot to blog about this apparently. Whoops. New room corset to match the new room in the basement! Green alligators, for Allegory.

(Bixin trousers, Koijini necklace, Veronique hair, Joe the Lion skin on sale in the basement, poses from Luth)

Out in the elephant! Which you can maybe actually GET TO today, as Lloyd was down and LL live help just ignored it all day yesterday /sadpanda

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