Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Twilight Time!

Except not really, because I keep my vampires and my glitter separate generally. Unless you are talking about the elusive FruitBat. And I have yet to see one of you who can compete with his cape flourish.

But! This release is vampire fangs AND glitter, so if you're into that sort of thing, here you go. Lots of tattoo layer goodness to accentuate your skins. First a quartet of fangs, so you can choose your length and bite width to accommodate your desires:

(top row: &Bean and Curio skins, bottom row, Schadenfreude skins)

And, well. You know me and glitter! The Diamond Dogs and Rock&Roll Suicide will not be seeing the new skin line as they are, instead they're tat layer for mix and match joy. The lips and nails have matching options and also separate and with black or red nails, just like the Planet of Dreams:

And the eyes come in pairs, or singles with either eye, so you can also mix colours with the 2.1 ability to wear multiple tat layers at once, because I'm glam like that.

All out in my big black elephant, of course.

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