Saturday, January 22, 2011


wolf & corset

Prim corsets...are something I've struggled with for ages due to technical concerns. Mostly being the moving and whoops you're sticking through it part. Now, you get the right AO and that becomes much less of an issue, so I finally said "screw it, I want to wear corset, now" and finished them (they've actually been almost finished since alpha masks were first starting to be introduced. I'm _that_ indecisive).

HUD texture change, sold is sets of 3 by colour with three patterns in each, or a big fat uberpack of the lot of them. They all can have the HUDs added on, so you can just fit once and buy whichever selected colours you want (since the fitting's the hard part anyway), and I might end up adding more patterns, perhaps.

corset on bill

Fitting will require using the Build menu a bit! Not super extreme editing or anything, it's only 2 pieces including the bow (that you can mostly ignore until the end and then just move into place), but you'll want to mod to fit properly. You will also need a non wiggly AO- the less your waist and torso moves around, the closer you can fit your corset! There is a frozen waist animation version as well- however that makes some poses look quite silly, so it's your choice as to whether to use it. There are two shapes of the corset included- one's got wider hips (which is what Alle wears, being pear-shaped), and one with wider ribs, that ought to be better for the ladies who are more top heavy, and perhaps some of the boys as well, what with generally not being as well endowed in the hip area (though it is still of a rather generous ass, so your mileage may vary).

Out at the elephant!

Achariya in white and black spots.
Newdoll in a little bit of everything. Well, corsety-wise, as there are no pants.

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