Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Schadenfreude Skull Compass Jewelry

New jewelry for your road trip, at Collabor88!  Ok, so the compass is 100% decorative and won't tell you which way north is, but at least you'll look good when you get lost.

X hair: tram I0710 hair (moca.loup)
piercing: Schadenfreude Diamond Dermal Piercing (allegory.malaprop)
skin: -tres blah- {Light} Blessa (julliette.westerburg, note: long retired, but yay for BoM!)
head: GENUS Project - Strong Face GIFT001 (genusproject)

Texture change with 4 metals: silver, gold, rose gold, and copper.  The pendant not on a chain is also included, so you can put it on another necklace if you prefer, or....whatever else you want to do with it!

At Collabor88 until October 7!

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