Friday, September 4, 2020

Schadenfreude Vintage Alarm Clock Menagerie

Vintage bell-style alarm clocks for The Kawaii Project!

The alarm clocks come in 7 styles; a normal alarm clock, and 6 with animal parts: bear (or mouse, if you prefer!), rabbit, and cat ears, goat (or ram!) horns, deer anters, and a unicorn horn.  All are texture change with 5 metal options, plus painted black, white, and 7 pastel hues, that you can mix and match sections of: the main body, the hardware, the bells, and the animal parts all changing together or separately by your choice.  There are also 2 different clock faces, white with black numbers and hands or black with white numbers and hands.

Clocks that tell time are 2 LI each with the moving parts, and can be set to SLT, GMT, or the time zone of your choice.  They also can have alarms set (it's a 12 hour clock, so the alarm is on a 12 hour cycle, not 24) to the time of your choice, and the alarm hand will move to reflect your alarm time.  When the alarm is up, the bell with ring for a little bit, you can touch them to silence it.  There are also 1LI versions included that do not tell the time, but are always frozen at 8:07- ones that just sit there, and ones that will sound the alarm whenever they are touched.

At The Kawaii Project from September 4 to September 30

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