Thursday, July 1, 2021

Schadenfreude Nade Ushi

Nade Ushi 撫牛 cow statues at Japonica!  Nade ushi are "petting cows" or "rubbing cows", you rub the part of the cow that you wish to heal on yourself.  Three poses of cow statue, each in left and right versions, with just the cow statue, the cow statue on a short rectangular base, and the cow statue on a pedestal.  Each style comes with a different pedestal style, all three options are mixed with the possibilities in the Uberpack.  (Each object is 1 LI at given size except the cows with the shimenawa on the tallest pedestal base, which is 2 LI in both left and right.)  Each cow pose also comes with an optional accessory: a shimenawa 標縄/注連縄/七五三縄 rope, a yodarekake 涎掛け bib, or a nose ring.

Japonica is open until the morning SLT of July 25, the end of July 25 Japan time.

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