Friday, July 30, 2021

Schadenfreude Flappit

Flappit wants YOU for the magical girl (gender optional) army at The Crystal Heart!  Coo over how cute Flappit is when you get magical powers and....are sent off to war against a magical army.  Dark side of 魔法少女 mahou shoujo optional.

Flappit comes in a gacha of sitting Flappits you can hold or rez at 1LI each and a rare hovering up and down Flappit to wear as a companion or rez at 3LI that is texture change with the 9 coat options on touch.  Flappit also comes in a copy pack of all the colours plus a solid black, with 6 more static poses at 1 LI each.  (All Land Impact at given size, resizing can of course change it.)

At The Crystal Heart until August 26.

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