Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Schadenfreude Candles on Skulls

RITUAL is a spooky themed monthly event that sparked my interest (being of a spooky sort myself)- for this month there are new drippy candles on animal skulls for it, to softly light all your rituals at home!  Or in the woods, I'm not judging, just don't burn anything you don't intend to burn, ok?  I'm not down with wildfires.  There are three animals to choose from.

The Pygmy Caprus skull from a pygmy goat; the Felis skull from a cat; and the Equus skull from a horse.  Each comes with a HUD that allows you to choose from bleached or yellowed skull, and from a selection of drippy candles in brights, pastels, and neutrals.  Touch to light or extinguish the candle, you can choose whether it has the extra starry glow effect or not.  Cast light and non cast light versions included- the cast light version can also have its settings edited while lit and it will remember (if you want the light to be brighter or dimmer, be cast out further, how much the flame glows, etc.  The flame and light colours can also be changed, though you may find that the optional starry glow does not suit tints and may wish to turn it off with the HUD).

At RITUAL, August 2 - 22.

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