Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Cakery

My RL birthday is almost upon me, so here you can see something a little more like the "real" me. I will admit I gave up on really trying to make a shape that looks like me the very first time I tried, years ago, but it is, I suppose, somewhat closeish.

But! I has cake(ry)! And presents!

birthday cakery

Katat0nik, once again, has released a gorgeous detailed dress, this time with the cutest little cakes on it (I think I'm going into sugar shock just looking at them....and I would sooooo eat them until I got sick) and adorable sprinkly confetti. I'm trying not to be afraid of colour here (looking into my closet is a little like looking into a black hole, for the most part), so I have the Cakery in green (hey, I will probably get wear out of it for Allegory's rezday next year, if I don't forget it again!), and I'm wearing it with pink socks to match the big sugary cake. God, I want cake right now.

birthday cakery

I've topped it off with a Birthday confection of less sugar, and more materialism, PUDGE's Birthday Girl. Because after all, who doesn't love presents! And that's one fine hairdresser, to secure those in place with hair instead of ribbons. The Birthday Girl is only available at her booth at the Hair Fair, until Sept. 3rd (or, thereabouts. I think that was the day).

birthday cakery

I'm at the Avant Garden here, as I had my heart set on a tea party (and they are harder to find blind that one might assume), and it fit the bill rather nicely.

katat0nik Cakery dress (green)
PUDGE The Birthday Girl hair, purple
Violet Voltaire Glitterati necklace and earrings, black
miaSnow Sophia 2.0 Skin 3
Schadenfreude Pink Knit Stripey Socks, Lucent Bow Heels


Sakuradawn Lei said...

\o/ Happy Birthday!!!

You look adorable >_<

I MUST brave lag to have that hair O_o

._. and now I want cake...

Allegory Malaprop said...

Thank you!

It's on a wall that backs the Carnival of Doom. I was able to do some of my perimeter browsing from neighboring sims, camming in!

Alyx Sands said...

You look gorgeous! Happy early birthday wishes then-my RL birthday is in (checks calendar...)10 days....but my avatar already tries desperately to look like a more cool version of myself.

I spent half an hour at the back wall of the Carnival of Doom, trying to get in! ;-)

Allegory Malaprop said...

Thank you!

I think I'm lucky in that I'm often on in hours of lower population in SL. I only had a couple of times I couldn't switch sims due to full servers (setting at 65 is murder on the lag, but means more people can get in, I suppose), and sat there like a bird flying into glass until it would let me.

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