Sunday, August 3, 2008

Halp! I've been Ruthed!

I've never thought Ruth was an ugly girl. In fact, the only thing that bothered me about the shape was the hips...or lack thereof. I have kept a Ruth shape for fitting for some time now, as she's a bit closer to "average" than Allegory. (I find her hands a reasonable size, though people prefer them dainty, as well as finding her legs quite long enough- most people overdo the leg length slider, myself included. But I have grown accustomed to my shape, it feels weird when I try to change that. I don't even find her shoulders all that broad....if she actually had some hips to balance that out.)

But! Imagine this is Ruth's skirt shape, and there you go! She's got a bit of a booty then, but hey, a little junk in the trunk is not really a horrible thing.

This does mean, time to plumb the inventory for system skirts. Easier said than done: not only have flexi skirts led to people making many more skirts without the system skirt as they can utilize different shapes, but the skirt bug that has only recently been squashed (cross fingers) has done some more damage as people have been avoiding it (myself included: I've got a number of things I'd been holding off on, although I did finally just go with it for Lurking, as it can work with with less of a wardrobe malfunction if it doesn't load).

Both taken in Tableau:

Ruth in Geraldine

I've set the time here to midday. I've set up a custom day, that jacks up the ambient light, and tones down the sun/moon. Softer lighting = not as harsh shadows that people wear supernova facelights for (not that I can wear a facelight anyway). Full day cycle = you actually get to have NIGHT. And sunrise. And sunset. Automatically.

To make your own day cycle: Go into World->Environment Settings->Environment Editor. Click Advanced Sky. Pull down the dropdown- see A-12AM at the top? As well as 12PM, 3AM/PM, 6AM/PM, and 9AM/PM? Pick one. Go to the Lighting tab, and move the sun slider down a bit, and the ambient slider up- you're going for a reasonable amount of light (probably similar to the same, although you may want to boost ambient in the night a little as it can be dark if you aren't in an environment that takes advantage of that), just less direct harsh light, more global light, to soften up those shadows a little. Click New (not Save, yes it is sort of counter intuitive), and name that the time of day- ambient (i.e. 12am-ambient). Repeat for each of those numbered settings, so you have an entire day in 3 hour increments.

Click on Day Cycle Editor. Click on each key frame, and pick the new setting for that time in the dropdown. Currently you can only have the ability to have _one_ day setting, so this will override the default when you save- rebuild by setting it back to the old presets. Does mean there is the annoyance of having to switch it all if you want to switch between day cycles, but maybe eventually they'll get to that. Hit Save Test Day, and now you have a more ambient cycle! Revert to Region Default will now revert to the normal day cycle...but with less harshness.

But look 2! Which utilized...Sailor's Delight, I think:

Ruth in silentsparrow Rook

See aforementioned finding skirts problem: this is a retired silentsparrow set, Rook. I'm sure I have things still obtainable with a system skirt...but I just kept finding more and more in my retired ss items folder, so, meh. There you go.

Both skins are an unreleased one I've been playing with- not my usual. My usual is a bit harsh for Ruth, especially around the eyes (I've got some odd eye settings, so my skin tends to be a little weird on others, although other skins work fairly well on it). Shoes in both: Lucent Heels. First picture: Geraldine, and a new hairstyle I've been working on a bit, as it's sort of spooky weird when I see my 'hawks on other shapes (well, when it's me. For some reason, it's not strange on other avatars entirely). Second picture: Violet Voltaire Glitterati necklace and earrings, Calico Ingmann Sylvia.

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