Saturday, August 23, 2008

Green Goddess

MiaSnow just released green skins. I'd already had the adorable green skin (which makes me feel a bit like a _very_ sexy She-Hulk) that she'd released ages ago...but these, these are something different.

Looking at them, brought to mind this Clive Barker play, Frankenstein in Love, or The Life of Death. It's a fairly early work, and has some amusingly bad puns ("Why did Cain kill his brother? Because he was Abel"), but it follows the good doctor to a Latin American country, where he continues on his dread experiments (he is most definitely not the good guy here- in fact he's far more of a monster than the monsters he has created). He is followed by his first monster, who becomes a revolutionary and calls himself El Coco.

But what I really see here is Veronique Flecker. (Note: if you have read the play, you will have to forgive my failing brain. I don't have my copy here, so I'm going by memory, and mine is far from infallible.)

stage 1

(MiaSnow Green Goddess 1; Calico Hannah hair; Schadenfreude Wolsey jacket/capris/gloves, Mephisto bodice, Platform Buckle Boots; Miriel Grape Big Eyes tinted a little more purple)

Vero is one of the doctor's experiments, and one corner of the love triangle (you see, both Dr. Frankenstein, and the monster who is often called by his name, fall in love with her. She's a bit more willing to accept El Coco's advances, as the doctor has made her one of her experiments, and killed her husband, so, you know, she's not really that fond of him. Generally the dead guy(s) is way more charming, anyway).

"Do you want to see the part of me sprouting fur? Or feathers? Or scales?"

stage 2

(MiaSnow Green Goddess 2; ~silentsparrow~ Toxine violet swimsuit, one of a bunch of fabulous colours that the hardcore fisher can now obtain at her dockside fishing. The ash, she eludes me, while I've gotten a half dozen or more of the violet)

Yeah...even if it is focusing on the skin, you aren't going to see me with my kit off. MiaSnow's skins are always soft, and glowing, and beautiful, it's a given that the body will be gorgeous. There are a beautiful variety of Toxine swimsuits, with all the extra cover up pieces that were also a part of the group gift suit, now available at silent sparrow, for those of you who like sitting around shooting the breeze while fishing on the docks. (No, it isn't easy, and you probably won't sit down and get one on your first catch. I've spent hours there and not gotten the ash yet, and it took about 45 minutes to get my very first suit. Fishing is a game for the patient, but you also get fun 7Seas things while trying to get your swimsuits. I finally got my Captain's Log!)

She's undergoing a transformation throughout the play- the doctor's works on her being of a more advanced and sophisticated manner than that of simply assembling a collection of dead men and giving them new life: she's becoming something else entirely, a new form of life. MiaSnow's skins are also a transformative process. 1 is green, spotted on the cheeks, beautiful, but skin. But then, then the scales begin to show, glittering from afar, sneaking across the face, from one side to the other, transforming the avatar into something...else.

stage 3

(Green Goddess 3; Sn@tch Murder Ballet tutu; Schadenfreude Webbeater, Buckle Platform Boots)

The scales really do glitter, creating a complex variety of colours and shades that creates a unique and fabulous look from afar, as well as close up.

The play ends in a wedding, and a fire. After all, the monsters the world holds a place for are far more terrible than Vero and El Coco, but the world holds no place for that kind. I don't recall whether they take the doctor with them, I would like to think that they did, but as I said, it's been too long.

stage 4

(Green Goddess 4, ~silentsparrow~ claire de lune corset and tattoo; Schadenfreude Mephisto sleeves and gloves, Revenant skirt; Miriel Grape Big Eyes tinted a little more purple in all shots, laziness has left it out a bit)


Achariya Rezak said...

What an excellent post -- great photos and very creative writing :D :D Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi, where have you found such a great couch?

Allegory Malaprop said...

The gorgeous couch is by Usagui Noel, you can find her shop at MM21 (25, 215, 22). There are fabulous matching armchairs as well.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, Allegory!

Alyx Sands said...

Lovely post!

Oh, and were the suits transfer, I could give you an Ash-I got two...after just half an hour of fishing. I could have also given you the log, which really *is* a big old log of wood!

Allegory Malaprop said...

With a hat! He is a Captain's Log, after all!

Yeah, the copy perms do mean that you have to be more determined personally! At least fishing is something I can do while doing other things as well, and it's rather relaxing, so I'll just go back and keep trying when I've got the time.

MiaSnow said...

fun post! <3333

Allegory Malaprop said...

Thanks! You provided beautiful skins to write about!

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