Friday, August 29, 2008

Five Free from the Hair Fair

I'm sure you've braved the lag and muddled through the fair at least once. Aside from all the fabulous new hairstyles you can pick up there, there are some kick ass freebies. Here's a quick bit on 5 of my faves:

kin goggles

Kin goggleshairgirl: I love this hair. It's perfect for being a bit steampunk, or a bit cybergoth, and it is ubercute with little tails (and the other one in the pack is perfect for those days when you feel like being a bit of a flower child). (Worn with silentsparrow Sweeney in Sepia, and Schadenfreude Plain Buckle Platform boots)

philotic energy gale

Philotic Energy Gale: There are a few awesome fatpacks at the PE booth, including this one. PE hair is always cute, and this is no exception (and there's also a nice boy hair in there!) with spiky sticky out bits pulled back. (Worn with Schadenfreude Rose Webbeater, Hot Pink Stripe Pants, Flewksbriar, and Heortecaeg)

eat rice puety

Eat Rice Puety: Supercute anime hair. There's a really great star barette at the side, and a strand of a different colour hair at it in many of the colours. (Worn with katat0nik Ghostfire boots and dress- the purple dress is in the Fortune chair, which is soooo awesome. It can be harder than a Lucky Chair, but it's _way_ more fun/social, standing around trying to find your dream lover!)

ingenue gidget

Ingenue Gidget: Do we sense a theme for hair of consummate cuteness? Little curly pigtails pulled back, in a few candy colours, from Ingenue, evoking, well, Gidget herself. (Worn with Ki2 Lady of the Pins in black, Violet Voltaire ganK, Schadenfreude Azure Webbeater, Pitch Stripe Pants, Koijini earrings)

refuge ana

Refuge Ana: Pulled back long flowing tails with colour change hairbands, a bit more rock and roll than just normal pulled back ponytails. (Worn with Ki2 Sacred Heart tee, Tres Blah Faded Juju Jeans, katat0nik Purple Ghostfire boots)

All pictures taking hanging out on the outside of the giant Happy Mood sphere. A lot of the poses are in the big peep-like stuffed bunnies around, all of which are poseballs. A pox on SL's reeeeally crappy horizons, even with my draw distance all the way up they are ugly.

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