Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dominion on Miriel

In the heat of
the night
in the heat of the day

There is a new silentsparrow set today. Dominion features beautiful black brocade pants with front pleats, a subtly patterned black shirt (and gloves) to match, and a long jacket in a selection of jewel tones (and of course, black!). As we've all come to know and love from silentsparrow, the jacket has a lovely brocade that positively glows throughout, and the most perfect buttons. hya has also been coming out with some fabulous belting for her long coats recently, this most recent in the series features a very delicate buckle of a lovely shape. This coat has a black interior regardless of the exterior tone, which gives quite a lovely effect.

Really, I don't know why I'm telling you this. It's all there to see! I feel like a car salesman. Except I'm not exaggerating the features, I'm leaving a bunch out.

I'm at the Miriel sim here, which perhaps isn't so new anymore, but, uh, newish? There's a "treasure hunt" as part of the sim itself, with clues to point you in the direction to look (it is, in some ways easy, and others quite hard- finding the spots you are referred to can be challenging, and then the jewelry boxes are quite small!), and which also tell you a story- so guys, even if the jewelry isn't your thing, you may enjoy the hunt!

The island itself is worth an exploratory visit regardless (the clues are built in part to encourage you to discover the features), as it is one of the more beautiful sims in SL. The build is highly reminiscent of Oblivion- and we're talking a game that has an engine far in advance of Second Life's here.

When I close my eyes
when I look your way

Once upon a time, I wore system eyes, and wasn't in any hurry to upgrade. I thought they were perfectly fine really, and they tinted to a nice vibrant green, so I didn't really pay much attention to eyes...until I saw Miriel's. Miriel eyes were the eyes I fell in love with, and have stayed with since- to me, they are the perfect eyes. And here, perhaps, you can get a bit more of a view of the subtle patterning throughout the shirt, that turns a fairly simple men's shirt into a work of art.

(And, while I've never met Miriel, she's to thank for me ever opening up shop. She ran the Jewelry Expo that led to me actually trying this whole selling thing, instead of just hording my Lindens for uploads for things for myself.)

Some day
Some day
Some day

There are versions of the shirt to wear alone, as well as with the jacket with and without a vest (and the jacket alone, as usual, it's a set that begs mixing with other items. And perfect for people like me who have a massive affection for long coats).

And, for those of you who have finished the I the only one who wants to wait till midnight and jump off the cliffs? Too bad I think midnight never comes.

Some say prayers

I say mine.

(You know me, I'm credits challenged. All the jewelry is found on the hunt, personal skin, hair that might see release if I play with it more and don't hate my black hair texture and actually do normal colours some day, my platform boots, lyrics by Sisters of Mercy.)


Auntykuro said...

Such a lovely post! This is why you need to post more often :x hee. On top of all your other projects. When you do it, you do it right. <3

Alyx Sands said...

....again, I was *just* listening to that song on my computer here....even before I saw the ad pics hya did, I thought, hey, a set with the name of one of my fave songs-until I discovered that it *wasn't* coincidence.

And Ach is right, love your posts!

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